Development Engineer Engine Integration

Within the Engine Integration Department we look for an development engineer  for monitoring and improving engine-in-vehicle (EU/NA) performance.

As development engineer you will act as a hub between the testing departments, vehicle integration, data analytics, and calibration engineers.

An engineer who can create overview(s), initiate analyses, monitor progress, and summarize issues (or good news) to report out.


For different phases of ongoing projects, some exemplary tasks are:

  • Provide critical applications and usage collectives from field data, for proof-of -concept engine definition;
  • Identify first test cases, for early vehicle testing;
  • Monitor for expected performance from the start of field tests, act on gaps, possible improvements, and degradations;
  • Initiate and automate monitoring of long term performance indications and act on any unexpected changes in current product.

Key competences:

  • MSc. degree in relevant field
  • Curiosity, for how our engines are used in all applications, configurations, and regions;
  • Initiative, to (have) dig for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and improve our engine in all applications;
  • Monitoring, for expected performance and any changes thereof occurring;
  • Understanding, of general heat and flow physics;
  • Analytical capacity, to combine information from many different sources on configurations and applications and their impact.
  • Several years of relevant work experience¬†
  • Excelent understanding of English and a valid workpermit


For more information please contact Rolf Drenthen or Ruud van der Velden, tel: (040) 25 95 000